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The names of our Heavenly Father YAHWEH and His son YAHSHUA
are vital to learn and understand for our spiritual growth and salvation.
Please Read The Following Carefully-Then study to show yourself approved.


Fact : According to Websters 20th Century Dictionary and Encyclopedia Britannica the word god 
   is a title NOT a name.The word god originated from the pagan teutonic people to call their   
         pagan idols. God never meant anything good or evil as it was used to identify all their gods 
         they worshipped whether they were good or bad. The Christians adopted this title and 
         elevated it to mean good to replace the name of our heavenly father YAHWEH. Gad, good,
  gud, god were all pagan idols of worship.

See : Psalm 68:4- Extol Him who rideth upon the heavens by His Name YAH.
 Isaiah42:8- I am YAHWEH,t hat is my name and My glory I will not give to another, neither 
 My praise to graven images.
Note: How can we extol Him if we don't use His name? As you read the scriptures, pay very close 
  attention to the vast amount of times we are told "ask in His name and for His names sake?
  How can we ignore the facts? You have a name and it is your identity. We lose that identity
  when we are referred to by a title such as him, her, man, lady, woman. We want to be 
  identified by our own personnal name, how much more important should it be for the 
  Heavenly Fathers name YAHWEH


Fact : Before the Messiah was born,YAHWEH Himself sent an angel down from heaven to tell    
        Yoseph (Joseph) and Mariam what they must name their child. This name was 
        YAHSHUA, which means YAHWEH SAVES or YAHWEH is SALVATION, because 
        YAHWEH had sent His son to save the world from their sins. He was to be the SALVATION 
        of  YAHWEH. There is no doubt that the Old and New Testaments were originally written in 
        Hebrew or Aramaic.
        When the Greeks translated the Hebrew scriptures, every time they came to the name 
        YAHSHUA, they substitted the name Iesous.Some think that the name Iesous is an attempted
        transliteration of YAHSHUA's name.To tranliterate a name means that it should sound the 
        same in any language. It is obvious that Iesous does NOT sound like YAHSHUA.
        Others think that Iesous is derived from 2 Greek Dieties, Re(their god of light) and Zeus (their   
        savior.It was a great error for the Greeks to remove the only name under heaven, whereby we
        must be saved. (Acts4:12) and substitute a name that can not save.
  The King James translaters in 1611, chose not to use YAHSHUA's sacred name either, just as 
        the Greeks did. 
        The letter J was added to the English alphabet in the 1500's and was derived from the letter I.
        The I  in Iesous was changed to a J and the o was dropped. The new form of this word became  
        Jesus. Almost all the English translations of the scriptures have removed YAHSHUA's sacred
        name and replaced it with the name jesus.
See : Acts 4:12- There is no other name under heaven , given among men,whereby we must be saved.
 John5:43-I am come in my Fathers name and ye receive me not, if another shall come in his
   own name, him ye will receive.
Note:These two  scriptures sum it all up. If the Messiah's name is the only name we can have 
 forgiveness from our sins, how can any other name be substituted ?
 The name YAHSHUA means YAH (YAHWEH the Heavenly Father) SHUA (saves).
 Remember, YAHSHUA was born to hebrew parents, in a hebrew land, that spoke a hebrew 
 language. How could a Greek name even be a feasable concept ?

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12 reasons why you should Love the Name of YAHWEH

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12 reasons why you should Love the Name of YAHSHUA

  How to be Baptized Properly.

     You can only be Sealed with
      written in your Forehead
             and have the
   Towrah or Torah or Mosaic law
    written in your Heart and Mind
    by being baptized 
    only in YAHSHUA's name

Listen to Peter:
Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: 
for there is none other name 
under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
Do this:
Be Buried backwards in water.
By a older Minister of Yahweh and Yahshua
who only uses their true names and who is a
devout observer of the Towrah law (#08452)
that was 1st Given to ADAM. see 2 Sam.7:19
2 Sam.7:19  King David said: 
And is this the manner of man, O YAHWEH ?
(manner (Towrah law-08452) of Adam (0120)
   Abraham was chosen to be a father 
   to all who believe because he was a 
   devout observer of the Towrah law (08451)

   430 years before Moses was given the 
    Mosaic law (08451) on Mt. Sinai.
2 And YAHWEH appeared unto Isaac, 
    and said, Go not down into Egypt;
    dwell in the land which I shall tell thee of:
 3 Sojourn in this land, and I will be with thee
    and will bless thee; for unto thee, 
    and unto thy seed, 
    I will give all these countries,
    and I will perform the oath 
    which I sware unto Abraham thy father;
 4 And I will make thy seed to multiply 
    as the stars of heaven, and will give 
    unto thy seed all these countries; 
    and in thy seed (YAHSHUA Messiah)
    shall all nations of the earth be blessed;
 5 Because that Abraham obeyed my voice,
  & kept my charge,...(4931 safeguard, keep)
  my commandments,(4687 code of wisdom) 
  my statutes, (2708 ordinance-manners)
  and my laws.(08451 Towrah or Torah )
                       ( Deuteronomic or Mosaic law)
Isa.51:2 Look unto Abraham your father, 
                and unto Sarah that bare you: 
 7 Hearken unto me, 
    ye that know righteousness,
    the people in whose heart  is my 
   Towrah law; (08451 Towrah - Torah)
  ( Deuteronomic or Mosaic law)
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